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Blue Sabbath Black Cheer + irr. app. (ext.) + The New Blockaders "DDTTNBX" CD

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Ive been waiting to get his material for a few years now and i dont regret the wait.   i first heard the BSBC one sided 12" released by Anarchymoon titled DDTTNB in 2010 and loved the unrelenting thick harsh textures used to create the material. 

the first track on this CD is a rerelease of that 12".  the next track is a solo track by irr. app. (ext.) that is in stark contrast to the first track in that it is a flowing composition of milder textures and soundscapes.  tracks 3 and 4 are collab tracks featuring members of each of the projects.  these two tracks do a great job of melding each projects perspective and you can hear the shift in dominant viewpoints throughout the tracks without the loss of any one personality.

Edition of 500 copies.