Breathing Signal/ Nguyen Hong Giang c30

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Breathing Signal is a project that for a while lived in the same city as Phage Tapes so I got to see him play live a handful of times. He always mixed things up and played a range of harsh and synth based sets. The Breathing Signal tracks on this release are mainly murky layered synth jams. Kind of reminds me of some sci fi soundtracks.

Nguyen Hong Giang is a Vietnamese artists who has also gone under the monikers Writher and is in the band Time Keeper. NHGs side is much more of an assault than side A with tracks of full on harsh noise. The first of his tracks is a layered slow moving track of what sounds like metal abuse and machine sounds where as the second track feels like it has a japanoise influence similar government alpha.


Edition of 100 copies.