Cober Ord "Le Revers Du Soleil" c50

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Cober Ord - Le Revers du Soleil


In the day of the Lunar eclipse we bring you the debut album of the mysterious project. Shadows and shapes from the deep and unknown corners of the cloth of being. Aroused by the primordial pulse of millennial ritual. Hum of forest thickets and call of deep caves, echoing with hundreds of votes subconscious. Inner rivers flow reverse the sun. Outhuman perceptual experience through the prism of animism. (description written by Nomos Dei where the CD version of this album is available)


Le Revers Du Soleil contains approximately 50 minutes of material with the cassette version being limited to 150 copies and is housed in a 4 color screen printed brad pack with lino cut printing on the cassette shell.



 All hail the end!