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Commuter "Inner SE Industrial" CD

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Inner SE Industrial logs years of obsession with one of Portland’s most sordid districts.
The area is lined with makeshift tents, garbage, drug use, and graffiti, set against a backdrop of railroad tracks, dirty warehouses, and echoing overpasses.
The idea for this album first started during my countless nights of walking the district with my camera and field recorder, documenting the sights and sounds extensively over four or five years.
Over time it began to take shape, slowly turning into this hellish memoir of industrial decline, waste, and Portland’s drug/health crisis.

All tracks are built using field recordings personally gathered, layered with noise, scrap metal, people calling out to hallucinations, freight trains ripping through the darkness, and garbage trampled underfoot.
All photos are taken on location, and all track titles based on time spent in the area. Welcome to the South East Industrial District.

Mastered by Grant Richardson