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 Dullhaus - Love Is Violence c50

 “From the sandy beaches of Los Angeles comes a dystopian romantic vision unlike any other; DullHaus offers a vampire’s eye-view of love in the city on their debut album, ‘Love is Violence.’ Fusing energetic and powerful 808 driven drum sequences with dark, atmospheric synth textures and tortured, sexy vocals, founders James and Quinn Clearwater have succeeded in crafting a gothic-dance experience for the 21st century.

Forged with analog synthesizers, drum machines, guitars and grit, you won’t find any software plugins or Ableton loops, ‘Love is Violence’ was created by human hands, for human ears.

For the cinematic, romantic, tragic and eternal lover in all of us, DullHaus presents ‘Love is Violence’ as a shrine to all things black, red, brooding and betrayed; You may have been coaxed onto the path of darkness, but at least you brought your dancing shoes.”