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K2 / Risaripa / Viviankrist "Autocrine" CD

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3-way split of analog insanity by Risaripa and Viviankrist, former members of the band Gallhammer and long time noise musician K2.

Edition of 200 copies in jewel case.



Description by K2

"At that time, Viviankrist and Risaripa had released each digital album/mini-album on SNS. Because I have had much interest in their works, I quickly got contacts with them, and we exchanged each work. I felt their works are brilliant and great. So, I proposed to make the 3 ways split work.

When I planned such a split work, we firstly promised that each one track was made with using only three electronic instruments, including voice, and up to five pedals, and then the total time was about 20 minutes by each artist. We are a kind of mania for the electronic instruments, and at the presence, we are proceeding each specific “electronic music” by each way.

This album may be the requiem for our dawn of electronic music.



New wave?


We never belong to any musical genres.

Please enjoy our electronic world."