STCLVR "False Positive" Double A sided c42

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Western NY based self proclaimed "bedroom industrial" artist g. mor aka STCLVR proved on 2018's debut full length Hostile Work Environment their ability to bounce between pounding cybergrind chaos, kmfdm-style club grooves, dreary apocalyptic dirges, and harsh ear-punishing power electronics with ease, occasionally within the same song.


2019 ep False Positive dwells somewhere in the grimey overlap of all the aforementioned territories with 5 bleak, snail's pace to mid-tempo synthetic doom bangers that strip away some of the more danceable, "pop" elements in favor of stomping slowly through a murky swamp of sluggish grooves, with brief moments of harsh squeals and swells sprinkled in between and overtop. While the usual blackened and distorted vocals remain as anguished and misanthropic as ever, and at some points cleaner than on previous releases, there is an overwhelming sense of dread and exhaustion present in these tracks more akin to a pained groan of defeat than a cry for help. If Hostile was mor's sweaty, moody summer rager than False Positive is definitely the sound of submitting to the inevitable icey clutches of depression the winter brings. All set against stclvr's signature backdrop of dirty, droney, monotonous synth loops and "witch house fed through an alien meat grinder" programmed beats.


False is rounded out by a crisp, clean but still powerfully raw mix courtesy once again of Chicago electronic mastermind Angel Marcloid, and features artwork from multi-taIented New England based collage and noise artist Pain Chain. If you were a fan of the material on recent STCLVR ep releases Misandrist and Predator (specifically side b), this will not disappoint.