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Templer "Human Hate" CD

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 Templer is a Berlin based project started in 2016 by French artist Thomas Chalandon. He is also the founder and owner of the Berlin based collective and record label Area Z and half of the EBM band Imperial Black Unit. Between rhythmic noise, industrial, power electronics and EBM influences, Templer wants to deliver a political message in condemning the human mistakes. Human Hate was originally released as a very limited tape on X-IMG (label run by Sarin).


Edition of 300 copies.


“A skilled interpolation between PanSonic and Monolith, somehow evoking the filthy rituals of radiation-cultists. “ - Endif


“Templer constructs bludgeoning rhythmic noise, infectious industrial and ritual electronics to create the perfect mix of dance floor depravity.” - JRS (The Brvtalist)