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Zwaremachine "Be A Light" CD

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Minimal Hypnotic Industrial Body Music


Minneapolis MN (USA) EBM project Zwaremachines first full length album.  Be A Light contains 7 original tracks and 7 remix tracks making up almost an hour of industrial electronics. Zwaremachine is heavily influenced by early EBM/ industrial artists such as Klinik and Front 242.


I think revelrouser.org writes a far better description than I can so here is what they had to say.


“Trio Mach Fox, Adam01 and Ryan Ruckus make up the Zwaremachine and have skillfully amalgamated their early influences within electronic body music (EBM) and industrial soundscapes which has provided a strong air of nostalgia strewn amongst a tenacious dynamic within their experimental darkwave/cyberpunk approach. This is most certainly an album that assimilates electronic subgenre styles, ultimately celebrating them, while atmospherically integrating the powerful forces of darkness and light within the compositions sonic expression. A hypnotic fusion of futuristic dance purposefully to embroil and stimulate the listener. Most certainly a deeply infectious body of work that embeds itself under the skin and commands your pulsating framework into an energetic outburst.”


Mastered by Nic Heidt

Art by Paul and Mark Gerrard